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Currently listening to......

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 A few songs currently on my playlist.......

The Lumineers

Gin Wigmore
If you get the chance, listen to her album 'Gravel and Wine'


Old Crow Medicine Show

Alice In Chains

Pearl Jam

CBBC Marrying Mum and Dad - 60s (part 2) with Ed Petrie and Naomi Wilkinson

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You can still catch the episode of Marrying Mum and Dad I appear in.....

Abbie and Liam send their mum and step dad back to the 1960s for their big day. Will it be 'groovy baby' or will it be too 'far out' for their unsuspecting parents?

With Ed Petrie and Naomi Wilkinson


Here is a screen grab from the episode

CBBC Marrying Mum and Dad - The 60s (Pop Art)

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Back in April I was contacted by the production team for the CBBC programme ‘Marrying Mum and Dad’. The basis for each episode is that children plan their parents wedding, making all the big decisions such as wedding theme, dress, entertainment and venue. All this without the parents knowing. The production team informed me that the wedding theme they were currently filming was based on the 1960s. They asked me if I could produce two canvases in the style of Andy Warhol, which the two children and presenters could paint. The images would be of the children’s parents, which would then be photographed, and then printed onto the wedding cake.
The time scale from the phone call to filming was just over a week. I produced two draft copies of how I envisaged the pieces to look, which the producers approved of. Once the canvases were complete, I would then photograph the canvases and produce four ‘panels’ in the Warhol style (each panel being a different colour of the original image). The production team sent me two photographs of the parents who were getting married, which I sketched out onto the canvases. The day before filming, I prepared various ‘skin tone’ paints as well as other colours. I was told that the filming for painting the artwork would be for a morning. I contacted my cousin Simone, who is also an artist, to help.
The morning of the filming the film crew arrived to set up their equipment while the production team and presenters ran through what was going to happen. They immediately made us feel at ease and made the atmosphere in the studio totally relaxed. Shortly after, the children (Abbie and Liam) arrived, who hadn’t seen the artwork they were about to produce.
We decided to split into two teams. Myself, Ed Petrie (the male presenter) and Liam would paint the artwork of their dad; while Simone, Naomi Wilkinson (the female presenter) and Abbie would paint the artwork of their mum. The morning flew by and surprisingly we managed to get both pieces finished. Throughout the morning there was great banter and laughs between the crewmembers, the children and ourselves. Once the filming was complete, I photographed the artwork and adjusted the colours on the original paintings to create an ‘Andy Warhol’ style effect. These four images were then emailed to the cake designers, who printed them onto icing panels and put on the wedding cake. On the day of the wedding, Abbie and Liam then gave their masterpieces as a wedding present to their parents.
I had a great experience filming and would love to do it all again.

After the wedding I received messages from the presenters Naomi Wilkinson and Ed Petrie

New Website

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Sorry for the lack of updates. I'm hoping all that will change very soon.
My new website can be found at

Also you can find me on Facebook
and Twitter  @Brindy73

Normal service will resume shortly.....

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The new website should be up and running sometime this week.

Artwork on display

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You can now see my artwork at

Slipped Discs / Brown Sugar
57-59 High Street
CM12 9AX
Tel:01277 631422

‎30 Day Song Challenge - Day 13

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A song that is a guilty pleasure. Ive chosen this because of the lovely Natalie Bassingthwaighte, who used to be in the Australian TV soap Neighbours.


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