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A Guide To Taking Better Pictures...

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Some excellent tips....

A day of two halves

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Its been a bit of a busy day today. Ive been busy working on the Basildon District Art Trail map. Its suprising just how much there is to do even on a simple map. That was followed by the New Zealand World Cup football match. Luckily I was listening to the alternative commentary, which made the match a bit more bearable. It was good to see the Kiwis equalise right at the last minute.
This afternoon I recieved a lovly card from one of the classes I helped teach yesterday. It was so good to have such positive feedback from the class. It was good to pass some artistic knowledge back to the youngsters. The teacher had a few of the students come in this morning proudly showing her the drawings they had done at home. They had remembered everything we had said.

Giving something back

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Today I had a great day helping Steve Hearn (a talented caricature artist) teach 3 classes of school kids how to draw a face. It was so rewarding seeing the children, when they were able to draw a face using simple numbers and letters. All the classes were well behaved and really enjoyed the lessons.

Pass it on.....

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Tomorrow I will be working alongside the talented caricature artist Steve Hearn. He will be helping teach art at a local school in Basildon. This will be the first time Ive worked along side Steve and Im really looking forward to it.

Up coming summer shows

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Yesterday I handed in my application for the Basildon Arts Trail. I will hear in a few weeks as to whether Ive been selected. Now to get around to actually starting the pieces I want to produce, just incase I am selected. Im thinking about doing some illustrations fused with photos. Now heres where you can help me. Im after some ideas as to what celebs/icons/bands you would like to see. If you can email me or message me via my Facebook - Carl Brind Graphic Artist.
Thank you in advance for all your help and support.
If I do get selected, the Arts Trail will be running in Basildon for a week in Sept (dates to follow) PLUS I may also be showing work at this years Basfest.
Hope you all have a great weekend :)

Maybe one day..............

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Nearly 12 years ago to the day, I was lucky enough to attend the 'Mad about music' exhibition in London. While I was walking around the many stands I noticed this guy, he kind of looked familiar. It was Noel Redding who played bass guitar for Jimi Hendrix. he was actually about to do a signing session there. He was nice enough to sign a couple of photos and had a very brief chat. he was so down to earth and could have easily have been one of my mates dads.

My main reason for attending the exhibition was to see an absolute idol of mine, Nuno Bettencourt. Some of you may know him from the band Extreme. They had a hit ballad in the 90s called More Than Words. I had been a massive fan of the band for years. I managed to get a ticket to an intimate gig he was doing after the exhibition. I stood right at the front and was amazed by his guitar playing but also the drummer, who turned out to be Mike Mangini (one hell of a drummer!!!).

Trawling through Youtube I have found videos from the exact show. Which are below......

After the show I went to a meet and greet with Nuno who was down to earth. He chatted to me and signed my photos. Normally its never a good idea to meet someone you really admire because in most of the cases you come away totally dissapointed.
As a bit of a Brucie Bonus Ive found an amazing performance by Nuno Bettencourt and the rest of Extreme at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.

world cup final 1966 in colour

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Well, not long now. Less than 24 hours til the begining of the 2010 World Cup. Lets remember that glorious day in 1966!!!


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Sorry, Ive just missed the midnight cut off for my DAILY blog. Im currently trying to plan my trip up to the north of the UK. Well, when I say north I mean Liverpool, York, Chester. I hope to spend a whole day doing the Beatles thing. I love Liverpool. I remember the first time I visited there, I was greeted by a shop lifter being chased down Mathew Street by a security guard. That didnt put me off and Ive had many enjoyable days there. Still loads of new places to explore as well as visit the usual places. Nothing like stopping off for a drink in the Cavern Club.

Please support....

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Todays blog Im on a bit of a plee-athon to you all. Sorry to any of you that have already read these posts.....

On behalf of the ‘Manksy In The Morning Show’, I would like to thank you all that have joined the the shows Facebook group. Please forward the groups details to your friends or click the suggest button and add all your Facebook friends....simples!!!
There is currently an online auction by Gary (from the show), which can be found at
Go on, you know you wanna!!!! HAPPY BIDDING!!!
Don’t forget to tune into the show, weekdays from 6am until 10am.
If you live outside New Zealand you can still listen to the show and enjoy the fun at
(UK – 7pm until 11pm Sun to Thurs)

Lets make MANKSY IN THE MORNING, New Zealand’s top breakfast show!!!

Second Plee.......
As you may all be aware, there is an important event happening shortly. This is the Basildon District Arts Trail. The event will showcase the arts in Basildon and give it the huge success it deserves. For too long the arts in Basildon has been overlooked and it’s now time, as Im sure you will all agree, to change that. Lets get rid of the negative stereotypical image of the town, but this can only be done WITH YOUR HELP!!!

Basildon District Arts Trail – This event is being held in September, however application forms need to be returned BEFORE 18th JUNE 2010!! Don’t forget to enclose the relevant monies, application form and 3 photographs of your work. Please check the BDAT website at for more details or to download an application form. Alternativly there is a Facebook page set up for this event (Basildon District Art Trail 2010) If you know someone who may be interested in taking part in the arts trail, please forward these details.

Stereophonics - The Bartender And The Thief

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Today I was shocked to hear the death of Stuart Cable who was the former drummer of The Stereophonics. He was a great drummer. Their first two albums will always remind me of the great times I had at college.

The day of rest......I wish!!!

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Just a quick message today. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has been reading my daily blogs and letting me know what they think about it. Also I would like to thank everyone who has sent me comments/ feedback about the 2 recent music links Ive posted (the Trees and Val Aviv).
It looks like its going to be another busy week. Tomorrow Im off to Chelmsford and then get back to working on the art trail brochure. The brochure is coming along nicely and hope to have it ready in plenty of time.
Also thanks to everyone thats joined the Manksy In The Morning Facebook group. If you havent already done so.....GO AND JOIN IT!!! Also if you get chance, have a listen to his show online.

It was 20 years ago today (nearly)

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I had a good catch up today with an old school friend. Its hard to believe that nearly 20 years ago to the day, we were these spotty faced urchins who had just finished their exams. I will always remember my last exam, Business Studies, and couldnt wait for it to finish. That night a group of us headed off into town to the Roof gardens to celebrate. Little did I know 10 years later I would be sitting more exams, this time as a mature student at college. Those 20 years have certainly flown by. So much has happened over those years..some good and some bad memories.
So what was I doing 20 years ago. Well, I really had no idea what I wanted to do for a living. Deep down I knew it was going to be either music or art related. I was in my very first band, rehearsing in a tiny shed at the bottom of someones garden. Luckily theres no tape recordings of this band. I remember having to carry 2 keyboards, an amplifier, keyboard stand and other bits and pieces through Glouster Park to rehearsals and then carry them back, normally about 11 at night. I must have been mad!!! I was so much better when I moved onto guitar. Just the one guitar and amplifier. I still cant believe I used to do that. When we werent rehearsing we would be at the local pubs, watching bands play. Memories of the Roof Gardens...ahh the good old days. Then when things started getting a bit rough in there we used to goto either the Mirren Studio in the Towngate or off to the Castlemayne. Sometimes a hike to the Crown pub would be in order. I have no idea how we used to do it. I used to finish work at 5 and be home for 6. Have a quick shower and grab a bite to eat. We would all then meet up and head off to which ever pub had a band playing. After one or two pints (hmmm) we would walk home, often getting in around 1am. I'd then be up at 6:30-7am to be in work for 8...with no hang over and feeling fine.
Hopefully my guitar playing days arent over. I still have a small collection of guitars and basses. Maybe one day I will blow the cobwebs off them and give them another outing.

Please support this local band

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Please support one of my old school mates band - The Trees

<a href="">Dirty Money by The Trees</a>

Check out the drummers moves

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I want this drummer for my band!!!!!

Reasons to live - Val Aviv

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Please check out this video by one of my talented relatives.


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After a busy weekend I set aside half a day to do some geneology. Its such an addictive hobby!!! I find it rewarding when you hit a brick wall then have to put in that bit of extra effort. Ive been very fortunate to have had help from Jonathan Brind who has spent over 20 years researching the Brinds family name. Today I visited the Essex Records Office in Chelmsford. If you are into family history, I would highly recommend a visit. Today I found pages and pages of new family history. Hopefully I will be able to tie up a few ends. Tomorrow I may possibly visit south London and see if I can find any more information. If you are interested in family history and are either looking to start out in it, or if you are stuck, please feel free to drop me an email.
This evening its back to designing the layout for the Basildon Arts Trail brochure. Im really proud to have been asked to design and produce this. I will also be having a think of what artwork I can produce for the BASFEST. If you have any ideas of iconic figures which would look good as artwork, let me know.

X105 Poster Design

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Ive been asked to produce a poster for X105s breakfast show 'Manksy In The Morning' .I origianlly produced a spoof poster but the station have now asked if they can use it. (Jono) Manksy appeared in a comedy horror called Black Sheep a few years ago. As New Zealand are renouned for the amount of sheep (I think the ratio is 20 sheep to one thats greedy!!!), I thought Id play on it a little. The trailer for Black Sheep can be seen below.
Also today Im starting work on the layout for Basildon District Art Trails brochure as well as research various music locations in the UK, for a new series of artwork Im producing.

Black Sheep Trailer

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Kiwi Horror/ Comendy - Black Sheep

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